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The nsfw picture for the 1000 followers ! Enjoy the little femboy !
And thank you again !

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Commission for @zeropony55

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PWYW Commission for @askshadowphillip

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for @rei-zero-draws 

This took way longer than intended so I am going to make a short animated video for it, though most scenes will be sketched animatics (because it takes forever to animate everything) Apologies for the long wait, I made 3 different ones for you, hope you like them~ 

This was for the raffle months ago. Here’s even a little story of how it went down ;) 



It was around the evening time when the magician was scheduled to go on… the lights were shining upon stage but there was no pink pony in sight. Was it a trick? A magic prank? nopony knew. They murmured quietly among themselves as they wondered what the hold up as. Of course, nobody knew that she was on the other side of the curtains, no sound could be heard from their side as it was much too loud…

“ah!~ ah~!” The unicorn panted with each forceful thrust, her legs trembling as the wolf rammed into her, his thrusts slowly dragging out and pushing back in with a forceful thrust. She could feel her lips spread apart each time, how that red hot poker would slide out quickly and drive back in, nailing her directly into the cervix. Could she get pregnant? Would she bear him pups? The thoughts ran through her mind. She wasn’t even sure if it was considered bestiality because of him being half canine or if it was okay because he was half stallion. Whatever he was, goddamn that sheath could hide his cock well. She hadn’t expected it, the way he flirted with her, coaxing her for a few weeks now with his piercing gaze alone, before he seemed to let instinct come over and surprise her backstage. Of course it was consensual, he was no beast when it came to manners, though as soon as she gave the faintest ‘yes’ he was on top of her in an instant. He was gentle at first, licking those soft luscious lips below, watching as they reddened and grew hot and wet underneath his slippery coaxes. His paws rubbed along her flanks and massaged those tender soft cheeks, spreading them and even giving a few licks over her tight hole. She shivered at that, unsure if she really wanted him messing with that area. It only seemed teasing though as he turned his attention back to where she was hoping he’d already just put it in. When she saw his cock though, it looked humble, small, non-threatening even. She was slightly disappointed. She knew wolves were smaller than studs but still…she hoped he would have gotten the other half of the genes on that end. 

“Whats wrong?” He asks, seeming to sense her disappointment. She shook her head. “i-its nothing…” She murmurs, not wanting to admit it. He seemed to raise a brow at this and as if he could read her thoughts he gave her a wolfish grin. 

holy crap if she didn’t know him she would have sprinted right out of there. In fact she didn’t know him…but despite the chill that grin gave her, she also seemed curious as to why he was so confident. 

She panted slightly, whether he was small or not didn’t matter at this point, holy fuck the work he did with that tongue was enough to get her close to orgasming. Feeling it split her lips and those ridges on his tongue sliding over the tender soft walls inside, “ah!” She gave a soft moan as it brushed over her g-spot a few times. 

“found it~” He seemed to speak low, speaking to himself? He pulled off, standing back, allowing the magician to rise up onto her feet. She looked to the curtains, noticing the time. 

“w-wait I think I go on soon…” She seems to realize how close they were to the time. Jake was already on her back. 

“Don’t worry, I won’t knot in you, it’ll be quick.” He promises, giving her soft facial cheek a lick. She shivers at it, having not cummed yet, she was a little desperate for something down there, to think of that itchy feeling all during her act would drive her mad. After half a thought more she finally gave a subtle nod of her head. “M-make it quick.” She murmurs. 

And that’s when it hit her. She felt his tip search a bit for her entrance, and noticed as soon as it touched her lips how much of a difference in body heat they had. He was way hotter temperature wise than normal. As soon as she started to have second thoughts, he was inside, and - 

“AH!” She covered her mouth for a moment, biting her lip as she felt more than what she saw lengthwise slip into her. 

Jake got a rhythm going, slow and quick at the same time, before he sped up the pace, quickening it to the point she couldn’t really quiet herself much anymore, her breath could be seen as she started to get close, Jake panted in rhythm with the pink mare, both climaxing at the same time before he unleashed his load inside, filling up her womb until it flooded over, keeping his promise, he pulled out at the last second before his knot swelled, the cum splashing onto the floor. He pulled off, using his tongue, he slid it over her trembling lips, cleaning it off. 

“Here, something to help keep that cum from leaking out during stage.” He murmurs, her back arches a bit as she lets out a strangled moan, feeling something pop inside. He kisses her ass and gives a smile with a lick of his lips. He’d put a plug inside. “Do well in your performance, I’ll be cheering for you~” He leans up to her face and kisses her with a passionate rather sensual kiss, lacing his tongue with hers and pulling back. With that, he takes his leave, stalking out and disappearing into the shadows. 


Apologies if I didn’t get her personality right, still, hope it was okay. -v- Congrats on the raffle too btw, hope you enjoy and have a good day 😉

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YCH Commission for @rei-zero-draws

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And lastly for today, One of my mare mod presenting herself

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Commission for @spiral-lights ! Thanks again <3

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The Cursed Collar – Page 3

I think she knows how to start.


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