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Commission for AminoGryphon. Had a lot of fun drawing this one. I love Zootopia <3

I really haven’t done much in the way of comics, so hopefully this simple 2-stage comic has effective flow. Also, I’m experiment with coloring style, trying to find faster ways to color.

Two versions, one with’s Nick’s pants, and the other without, as requested.

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Wee! Here’s the final outcome of my YCH that ended on Sunday! 

Thank you SO MUCH for everyone who bid on it, especially to the two winners, ZorelTheAzure and Synch! You guys are the best!

I’ll be coming up with another one soon! Keep your eyes peeled~ 

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Commission for

As you all know by now, I love light. I probably overdue it at times but I try to keep it down. I think in this case I found a nice balance. Moonlight hitting this well hung fellow while hes having the wettest of dreams.

Off to the next commission! (1 out of 3 done)


holy boner!

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Shenanigans afoot on the discord server

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Commission work~

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Happy 20th Birthday Drip (@dripponi)!

To celebrate, have a birthday buttfuck from yours truly. :>

O-OH MY, S- SO GAY >////>

Th-thank you so so much, Ytivel! This is really hot OMFG <3 <3

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Introducing Beat the Heat 2: A Summer Themed Art Pack!

This summer we gathered together to bring you an art pack that features more artists, more pictures, and most importantly, more mares doing whatever it takes to beat their heat!

What is it?

From a team of 15 artists, we give you a grand total of 45 unique images of pony-style mares all in ~3000px by ~3000px PNG formats. There are also over 60 fully detailed edits and alternative versions that add in wetness, tight swimsuits, sexy text, cum, and more.

Who’s in it?

ArtsenRavenBrave Datte-Before-Dawn EmberKaese

Fishy-Pony HorseFace Jet7Wave Mars-Miner

McSweezy Neighday PaulPeopless Pinche-Platano

Ponegranate ShinoNSFW Waves-Suitcase Whatsa-Smut

Standard Edition:

30 pictures of pony-style mares (and the occasional lover) in a digital format. It also includes all relevant alternative versions and edits. All pictures are in their original ~3000 by ~3000 pixel quality.
$7 USD
Get it here!]

Deluxe Edition:
This contains all 45 unique drawings. In addition to the 30 standard photos, you will receive 15 unique bonus pictures featuring the female characters of the artists sensually thanking you for your support! Additionally the Deluxe Edition includes:

  • All 60+ edits spanning both the 30 and 15 image sets
  • Access to over 40 PSD work files
  • Behind the scenes documents
  • Time lapse animations
  • Sketches
  • All images in their original and highest quality

$10 USD+ (as you can pay what you want above $10)
[Get it here!]

Why Pay More?

The top three contributors will receive:
– Two free fully polished drawings
     One from Datte-Before-Dawn and one from ShinoNSFW

2 – Two free fully polished drawings
    One from EmberKaese and one from Waves-Suitcase  

3 – One free flat colored drawing from McSweezy

If we reach $2,000 in sales we will release:

  • The entirety of last year’s Beat the Heat: Deluxe Edition to the public at no cost!

The top contributor ranking and $2000 milestone goal closes on August 21st at 11:59 PM, EDT. The status of both the current total and top donors can be found on our blog under the top left MENU button.

Another thing to consider is that 100% of the profits go directly to the artists via a completely even split! There are no managerial cuts or the likes and thus you really are supporting the artists for all their hard work.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. We hope you will enjoy our work!

Great art pack I worked with, full of good artist friends and of good art (duh :P)

You guys should really check it out! :3

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Caravan CJ

Kinda did a work between commissions, it’s ok I’ll get my ass back to them now


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Somebody’s screamin’ for ice cream!

(Commission for Ask Nautilus! Thank you so much!!!)

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