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Maintenance day ponderings

June 22nd, 2010 Comments off

Midsummer’s is upon us once again, and now is the perfect time to be pulling out any neglected alts for some boosted leveling. Read more…

The question i’m always asked…

May 30th, 2010 Comments off

As a player with multiple priests, one of the constant questions I’m recieving is why?

I’ve tried, and have many characters of diffrent classes in the game (a few of them are at level 80) however theres always been an appeal towards priests for me. even when i play other characters i love (my paladin for example) i’ll always end up back on my priests within short order.

the implementation of dual spec hasn’t stopped me from playing my multiple priests (i recently got a 3rd priest to level 80).

for me personally i love the path of leveling that i have for priests, and i enjoy trying random things, which often would not be a good idea on my main (as it would mean constant respecs, and I’m a tight-ass)

I am, after all, an alt-a-holic. I have, on proudmoore alone, 19 character on 2 accounts. of which about 8 are priests of various levels, and a total of 7 are now level 80, with another 2 getting close. While leveling characters, I tend to get bored with many of the classes relatively quickly (my warlock is a perfect example, even with full heirloom gear, she is only level 43, she bores me too quickly) or they just frustrate me to no end (warriors, are a perfect example of this). priests however seem to fit my attitude and play preference pretty much perfectly, so as a result, I’ve ended up with several over the years.

Often I’ll just play around with different specs for fun while leveling, (one i have a pointless spec which i use to mess with people in pvp. no point to it, it’s just funny, on the rare times i go into pvp) this is in, essence, a pointless exercise, but when I’ve done it all before, I just want to mess around for kicks. When an expansion comes out, I burn my main to the max level as fast as i can (I got Reiaochi to 80 in just under a week of WOTLK launch), then i just take my time waiting for everyone else i know to catch up to where I am. leveling in weird specs, really becomes a trivial affair after doing it all a few times.

I’m not a person who is good with the maths for stuff in game, (stats and the like) thats something other people can do. I’ll just get whats best for my main in the end.

I’m crazy, I love my priests, but in the end, it’s a game, it’s supposed to be fun, and that’s all that should matter. right?