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Maintenance day ponderings

June 22nd, 2010

Midsummer’s is upon us once again, and now is the perfect time to be pulling out any neglected alts for some boosted leveling. Even more so with the fire dance buff stacking with any heirloom gear a character may happen to have. (this equates to a 30% xp gain bonus for any characters with the heirloom shoulders and chest, and while they have the buff active)

personally i will be focusing on leveling my shaman and druid, as well as the occasional stint on my new draenei priest.

I’ve started a new character to go back through the original release zones for one last time before the launch of cataclysm, hopefully sometime towards the end of the year.
but that’s all a minor detail, onto some more interesting items..

For anyone who hasn’t been watching my twitter feed since i last posted (http://www.twitter.com/aspect_rei_zero) I’m off to blizzcon this year, and will be over in the USA for about 2 weeks. during this time I’m hoping to visit a few people around the states that i’ve known online for some time, and maybe squeeze in a touch of the obligatory touristy stuff.
for blizzcon, I will be attending in costume (as is customary for me at almost any convention :P) my plan for blizzcon however involves me creating and wearing the same set of items that my main character Reiaochi wears in game. (at this point. 4/5 t10 shadow priest set plus several ICC 10/25 items). the making of the items most likely won’t be too much of an issue, but what to do with them for the 2 weeks while I’m in America prior to blizzcon might be. I guess it’s just a detail i’ll have to work out in time.
with some luck, i am planning to get my flights from Sydney to LA in business class on qantas using my frequent flyer points. I have enough for the one way upgrade, just not enough for the return…

anyway, back to game related ranting…

one of the skills slated for shadow priests in cataclysm is shadow orbs.

the idea being that these will help with our damage once we get a few of them, which i think is a great idea.. but..

orbs.. seriously blizzard?
i don’t want to sound too petty here, but i really don’t like to idea of my priests having an orb floating around them like a shaman. I am aware this skill was in the game previously, albeit in a different function, however i feel that with the addition of the raven priests for the scarlet onslaught in WOTLK, i feel that having a few shadowy ravens flying around my priests would give a much more interesting and unique feel to the characters.
these are effects already present within the game, as they are in use by NPC mobs, and could be adapted to player characters with some modifications.
Not that it’ll stop me playing priests however. I love the class too much to give it up..

That’s all my thoughts for now. should have some more in short order (when i get more free time at work)

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