Welcome to the begining…

May 30th, 2010

Welcome to Aspect Zero. I am Rei_zero, and I’ll be your main blog host while you are here.

Using this site i’m planning on covering 3 topics with my blog.

Just The Chef – This will be a basic cooking blog. recipies, ideas, reviews and thoughts in relation to food and the food industry will go into this category.

Rei: A WoW shadow priests’ thoughts – My WoW blog. I am going to be putting up my personal thoughts and experiences with content, changes and people within my role as a raiding priest in WoW

Rei_zero: The world around me – General blog. this will host my thoughts, con reports and general happenings that i consider worth reporting on.

so down to it.

who am i?

my name is Justin, more commonly known online as Rei_zero.

I am a chef for Compass Group, cooking for an average of 450 on a construction site in the pilbara region of Western Australia.

I’m an avid Cosplay/con goer and am the AMV co-ordinator for Wai-con (the Perth Anime Convention)

I am also a big fan of World of Warcraft, with my main in game being the priest Reiaochi on Proudmoore-US (http://www.wowarmory.com/character-sheet.xml?r=Proudmoore&n=Reiaochi)

for now, that shall do. have a photo from outside my room. time for me to pass out

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